Backing Up Your Escort Computer

Backing up your Escort Computer is so Very Important

Backing Up Your Escort Computer
When running an escort business, whether you are an independent escort or an escort agency owner, means you have to plan for the inevitable.

Even planning for a computer crash on your personal computer or smart phone means you are one smart cookie.

How many times have I heard that an escort lost her hard drive & ALL her important information that needs to keep her safe.

Or her laptop was stolen and she no longer had access to my business kit.

If you are running an escort business, backing up your computer is beyond important. You will lose your blacklist, financial information, etc.

If you are running an escort service, you could lose all your girls’ information, other company files, or samples of your escort website’s design.

Losing your data WILL cost YOU tons of money, not to mention the stress involved and the time (time is money) it will take to recoup the data.

You will most probably have to pay someone to recoup your date while you wait anxiously to see what you lost and what’s really there so you can restore your escort computer to the way it was.

Then you have to wait and you can’t even use your new computer or hard drive until that’s done.

Honestly I always slacked off when backing up my computer. There was never a user friendly way.

First many years ago I used zip drives which took forever and I had to use around 10 just to back up my computer, then I used a writable CD player that needed around 5 CDs. I had to keep inserting a new one when the other one was done. I also had to stop everything just to do that backup process which of course was VERY time consuming . Then I got a writable DVD drive, but I never learned how to use it, and because I never used it, every so often that little birdy would go off in my head, “what if I lose everything one day!

My computer has problems periodically and it is a reality that something could happen at any time. That’s the world we live in now, especially with stronger more vicious viruses & malware that find its way onto our computers.

Then there’s another issue you have to think about. What if you need to reformat your hard drive. It’s a full day’s job and the restoring of all the data is time consuming and stressful. How are you going to restore it without a backup?

When I started to search further, I came across several automated backup programs that would backup my data to a cloud, but every time I used one of these, I had problems when I went to restore the data that had “supposedly” been backed up.

Turns out either not all the data was backed up or non at all was backed up.

I went through companies who had their tech support in India & they couldn’t understand a word I was saying.

FINALLY I came across Crash Plan. Their staff is in the US AND so far I’ve been able to restore my data when I needed it.

The price was also much better then the other two I had used. Even though it’s a monthly fee, it’s somewhere around $7-12/month.

Their customer service is also very fast, and I’ve been using since late 2010.

I feel much more confident now, and I don’t have to do a thing to remember to backup my data. That is a HUGE benefit for me besides the price because this product backs up the files I’m working on, so I don’t have to remember a thing once it’s been configured the first time around.

Also if I want to shut off certain areas of my computer from backing up, I can do that as well.

Their software is also very easy to use once you follow the instructions or get them to walk you through it on the phone.

Write me if you have any problems or your experiences with Crash Plan and have fun with it. smile


Developing your Escort Business One Step at a Time

Work Safe as an Escort

Do you have the Proper Tools to Work Safe as an Escort?

I found another escort industry tool I recommend to help keep you safe.

It allows you to have 2 different cell phone numbers for your cell phone which is key when working as an escort.

This works with all the major cell phone carriers AND it works in Canada too for all Canadian escorts.

Escort Service Owners, you can use this as well or get a second number for your escorts so when they call potential clients, their personal cell phone number doesn’t show up on the potential client’s call display.



Helping You Develop Your Escort Business



Using social media in the escort industry

Using social media in the escort industry
If you aren’t using social media in the escort industry to market your escort business, you are missing out on marketing yourself to potential customers who hire escorts.

While Twitter is the main social media solution for independent escorts & Dommes in the BDSM community, you should also have a Facebook page for your escort business. Also having Google+ & Pinterest is a must in this day & age of marketing in the escort industry.

The thing is, using these social media interfaces to send out messages can be a pain & I personally don’t like them, so imagine my surprise when I came across this software that handles ALL your escort social media accounts under one roof & most importantly, makes it really easy to send out the same message to all of potential clients & anyone else in the escort industry all at once.

I love the fact that I can read the tweets or posts so much easier AND you can see who’s done what with your tweet which is a MUST to know.

It also allows you to shorten your URL automatically & even has an app for your cell phone so it’s much easier to tweet while you are on the road.

There’s several features to streamline things, so you will need to review the software, oh & it also has training videos that are very easy to understand.

There’s a free account or you can get the pro account free for 30 days.

Check it out & while you are at it, please like or follow me on Facebook for escorts, Facebook for escort agencies, Facebook for The Escort Law Review & Facebook for Develop your Business Now plus follow me on Twitter. I’ve recently been sending out a lot more articles on the escort industry.


Hootsuite - Social Relationship Platform

Thanks & I hope this helps you in business & I look forward to connecting on Facebook or Twitter.



Domain Registration for the Escort Industry

Be Where Your Customers Are - $1/mo hosting from GoDaddy!
Well unless you’ve been living under a rock or you are brand spanking new to the world of running a business online, you should already know who Go Daddy is.

They are the largest domain registry and have been for years. This means when you want to get a domain name for your escort or adult business, you use their site to sign up for it and make the yearly payment.

I’ve been using Go Daddy to register domains for years & one thing I can say for them, they have 24 hour support. Not only that, but their call center IS in the US not overseas, & out of all the tech support people I’ve spoken to, I can only remember 1 or 2 having attitude, the rest are nice & work hard to get your issue resolved.

I can also access the office of the president if things ever get bad enough where I need to go up the ladder. As far as I know, you can’t do that with other domain registrars because they just aren’t a large enough a company or care about their customers as much as Go Daddy does.

When dealing with domains, their interface is one of the easiest to use & they notify you several times before a domain is about to expire, so I always rant & rave about that part of Go Daddy as another domain registrar ( I used to deal with is NASTY. I won’t go into the hell I went through dealing with them & how I almost lost over 300 of my domains, needless to say, just Google their name & the word “complaints”, & you will see how bad they are.

My point is that Go Daddy doesn’t treat people like that.

Go Daddy also has a myriad of other services for people just starting off online like hosting, web creation, etc. I’ve never used those services & I don’t really recommend them, but again, if you are just starting off online, it’s a good first option until you really start to grow your online business.

Before I forget, I always use them for my SSLs, as they are the cheapest I’ve found  & now they have a bundle SSL package that will save you money if you need SSLS for upto 5 domains (I think it is).

Let me know if you have any questions, but it’s safe to say Go Daddy is a reliable company that has been around for years & isn’t going anywhere, & they actually care about us as a client.


30% of GTLDs at GoDaddy!


Develop Your Business in the Adult Industry

Screening forms for your escort business

Every Escort Business Needs Screening Forms


So anyone who cares about business generally will be using online survey software. This allows you to figure out what your customers are thinking, or what people who aren’t yet your customers are thinking. This way you can gauge what you need to sell, change, concentrate on, address, etc.

In the escort industry using survey software isn’t common even though I feel it should be just like it’s good business in the mainstream arena.

While surveys for independent escorts may make the escort seem too businesslike, escort service owners should remember they are a business owner just like everyone else & they need to create that type of professional business atmosphere.

The way this survey software can benefit you if you are an independent escort (or even an escort agency), is by creating a form. The software isn’t just for surveys, it can also be used as a screening form. You do have to have a screening form on your escort website & this is the perfect way to do it.

All those surveys or forms I sent you that you fill out are by this company, Survey Gizmo.

I started to use their survey software years ago, and hands down I feel it’s much better than their competition.

They even have a free version, but I upgraded that a long time ago.

Their customer service is top notch, unlike the customer service at Survey Monkey, one of their competitors. I will never forgot how nasty he was to me years ago, so I shied away from him.

I hadn’t really thought about surveys again until a few years ago when I was taking a business course that pointed out that we as entrepreneurs HAVE to get inside our client’s or non-clients’ heads, and giving out surveys is one great way to do that.

Survey Gizmo is CONSTANTLY upgrading the software & they are a very down to earth hip customer oriented company.

They also have features such as data collection, polls, questionnaires, web forms, quizzes and landing pages for marketing. I basically stick to the surveys and use them for screening my clients, market research, customer service, as well as to figure out what my clients need.

I already have tons of surveys created and they are out there online collecting data both on my sites and my blogs.

Let me know what you think once you start using it for your escort business!


Developing your Escort Business One Step at a Time

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