Protect Your Escort Mailing List

Protect Your Escort Mailing List

Why Do You Need to Protect Your Escort Mailing List?

Protect Your Escort Mailing ListWell first of all it is your job as an netrepreneur to protect your escort mailing list, especially because you are in a high risk industry where people can try to do damage to you and your escorts and clients.

Your mailing list is also known as an autoresponder, or newsletter.

To educate you on why you need to protect your escort mailing list, understand that anyone can add e-mail addresses to any list to cyber harass others. I once had someone put my e-mail address on probably over 1,000 lists back in 2000. The amount of e-mail from companies I had nothing to do with and them passing my e-mail around was terrible.

This was back when it wasn’t standard for all lists to be double opted in.

What double opt-in means, is that the person who signs up for the escort mailing list has to first confirm their signup via a link/button in an e-mail that gets sent automatically from the list software. That is assuming the list owner turned the double opt-in feature on, which I feel should be standard in EVERY industry.

Most ethical list owners turn double opt-in on, but there are some list owners who don’t like losing potential list subscribers, so they keep it turned off.

Because you are in the escort industry and it’s high risk, I do NOT recommend you turn this feature off. You need to protect your escort mailing list, and if you get a reputation for spamming people, even if it’s not true, you could be banned from the list software you are using.

Not to mention, your site could be tarnished and lose some of it’s page rank juice.

Double opt-in protects both you and the subscriber. You want your subscribers to feel safe and to protect your escort mailing list.

The only way the opt-in e-mail can be confirmed is if the subscriber has access to their e-mail account, or the cyber bully had covert access to their e-mail address, signed up to your list, and confirmed it all at the same time. These are rare cases, but they do happen.

Now will you potentially lose some subscribers because they don’t click on that confirmation e-mail? Yes, but that’s why going with a high quality list software company is to your advantage, plus it’s better to be safe than sorry.

You will need to make it very clear on the signup thank yo page that they will be getting an e-mail and they should check their spam/junk folder, because they need to confirm their subscription in order to be fully subscribed.

With any real professional list software, it should arrive to the subscriber’s inbox within 10-30 seconds. If it doesn’t, there’s a problem on the subscriber’s end (maybe they typed in the wrong e-mail address), or it ended up in their spam or junk folder.


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Domain Registrar

Which Domain Registrar?

Wondering which domain registrar you should use?

Domain RegistrarHere’s my educated opinion after buying domains since 2004.

Go Daddy is one of the most popular domain registrars, and while I still continue to use Go Daddy for some things, I switched most of my domains over to and here’s why.

Go Daddy raised its prices around 2005, and I privatize all my domains, so one domain was costing me almost $20. Fabulous came out with FREE privatization after years of refusing to even consider privatization, so I was happy and decided to move all my domains over there.

They also offer a tiered package, so the more domains you have with them, eventually the price drops. Not by much, but it’s something.

My only complaint about the company is that they are in Australia and they don’t offer phone support, but over the years I’ve made do with their e-mail support and since 2015, it has gotten much better.

You really shouldn’t need to contact your domain registrar more than once or twice a year once you get the hang of their interface.

They also improved any banking issues they had where I wasn’t able to use one of my credit cards. Now ALL of my credit cards work on their interface.

If price is important to you for your domain registration, than Fabulous is the place to go.

Another feature I like about their interface is you can add different DNS profiles to your account so when you add a new domain or transfer one, you just pick the profile you want your domain to point to instead of having to search for DNS numbers.

And one of THE most important features they have is notifying you several times when your domain is about to expire. With one terrible domain registrar I used back in the early 2000’s, they only notified me once and I lost hundreds of domains.

So you have two choices when it comes to domain registrars.

Let me know if you have any questions.


SEO Help for the escort industry

SEO Help for the escort industry. Search Engine Optimizing Your Website

See Scribe for WordPress In Action!

Scribe: More Traffic in Less Time

Anyone who runs a escort business online knows that the MOST important thing is being ranked high in the search engines.

If you don’t rank on the 1st or 2nd page, no one will ever find you, no matter how well you designed your website. That’s because most people only review the sites that come up on the 1st & sometimes the 2nd page of the search results.

The problem is, most entrepreneurs know nothing about SEO (search engine optimization) & if if they know the basics like I do, you don’t have time to do SEO every day of every week. That’s not your job, that’s an SEO specialist’s job.

The problem there is that to hire an SEO person who actually knows what they are talking about (I’d say 80% of them have no clue what they are doing), costs a lot of money & will run you into the thousands of dollars & that’s just to get you ranking properly, that doesn’t even account for maintaining your site.

While that’s fine for large corporations, for small businesses that’s a lot of money.

SEO is time consuming work that doesn’t take 5 minutes to do & not only that, you have to stick with it day in & day out, as you never know when Google is going to change their algorithm or how that will affect your site’s ranking. Or, maybe something you do to your site will affect your escort website’s ranking.

So one day I was talking to my Social Media Partner, & was telling her how I needed to find someone to do my SEO work for me & she recommended this product. She told me a little bit about what it does & then I researched the rest.

  • It first analyzes your webcopy for your style & rhythm. Then it tells you what to tweak in your copy so you can rank higher in the search engines.
  • It analyzes your keywords & then will do further keyword research for you.
  • Helps you with creating backlinks
  • Works with Word Press (only if it’s hosted on your server), Joomla & Drupal
  • It allows you to improve your SEO rankings on unlimited different websites
  • People have noticed improvements within the first month & if it doesn’t work for you, they even give you a 30 day money back guarantee.

So instead of paying someone thousands of dollars & you don’t even know if they are any good until months down the road, you can hire someone more junior to make these changes for you on all your different websites. And instead of hoping the SEO expert you hired is actually keeping up-to-date with the changes Google makes with their algorithm, that’s all SEO Scribe does every day – they keep track of what they think Google will change based on what everyone is saying in the industry & then they tweak their system accordingly.

Once you sign up, let me know how it worked for your site. I love to hear success stories.


WordPress Tool for Escort Websites

Do you have more than one Escort WordPress website Running Your Escort Business?

If you answered yes to this question
then you HAVE to get this WordPress tool for Escort Websites

manage your wordpress accounts

Many escorts and escort services use WordPress to manage their sites, and when you run a WordPress blog, every time you have to do an update of WordPress itself or one of its plugins, you have to log into your account manually and do the update.

Every time you want to add a NEW plugin to your escort business WordPress blog or you have to update WordPress itself, you have to log in manually to each and every blog and add the plugin.

Why is updating WordPress so important?

Because every day you leave your plugins, themes and WordPress itself unattended using an old version of WordPress, you risk the security of your escort site.

So Now there’s this WordPress Tool for Escort Websites

This service also does the following: (features are dependent on which package you choose)

  1. You can delete a plugin from all your WordPress blogs.
  2. You can add or delete new WordPress sites in less 2 minutes.
  3. You can add the same user to multiple sites.
  4. You can post the same post to multiple blogs.
  5. You can delete spam comments right from the dashboard and it shows you which blogs have spam.
  6. You can manage comments from all your blogs (approve, deny, etc.)
  7. You can backup all your WordPress sites.
  8. You can install or clone WordPress easily.
  9. They have SEO features such as being alerted when your traffic decreases by a certain percentage & tracking keywords via multiple platforms including Social Media.
  10. You can manage the same links on all your blogs.
  11. You can have the system notify you when there are updates pending so you can log in, click “update” & you are all set.
  12. You can configure the uptime monitoring so you are notified when & if your sites go down.
  13. For advanced programmers who use PHP, they have a “Run code” tool. This powerful tool allows developers to quickly perform read/write operations on multiple sites. It uses a PHP function to execute the PHP code you enter on multiple sites at once.

I’ve been using this this wordpress tool for just over a year now and I CAN’T work without it. You won’t realize how much time you’ve spent logging in and out of your escort sites until you start using it.

The monthly rate runs anywhere from $15-50 depending on which package you want and how many sites you need to add to your dashboard.

I HIGHLY recommend it if you want to make your business life easier.

Do you have more than one WordPress blog?

Let me know if you have any questions.


Tools for Developing Your Escort Business

Stock Photography for Your Escort Site

Designing your Escort Site with Stock Photography for Your Escort Site

Royalty Free Stock Images

As you develop your escort business, you will need stock photography for things like:

  • designing your website
  • creating advertising banners
  • creating videos
  • creating social media covers for Facebook, Twitter, etc.

and the list goes on…

I’ve been using Dreamstime since around 2015. I used to use istock, but ever since Getty Images bought them out, their rates have sky rocketed, & they wouldn’t allow me to change the country on my account, so that’s poor customer service in my opinion.

Dreamstime has much lower prices. In fact, you can order their monthly subscription and cancel after the first month.

Plus, they also have weekly free images you can download once you are registered. They may not all be useful for an escort site, but some of them are.

While I haven’t bought their videos, they now have various videos you can choose from.

All content is royalty free, but depending on how you plan on using the photographs or videos, I suggest you read over their terms & conditions so you don’t break any copyright laws.


Search Royalty Free stock images on Dreamstime:


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