The Definition of Malware

Do You Know The Definition of Malware?

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Most people do not know what the definition of malware is. They hear about the scare of viruses, but have no idea that most computer’s issues are due to malware infections.

Malware is software that is intended to track, damage or disable computers and computer systems.

There has been a massive growth in malware and cyber criminal activities all across the globe and in the first three months of 2016, cyber security firms saw the same amount of attacks that just a few years ago would have been normal for the entire year.

So how does malware get onto your computer?

Well there’s several different ways:

  1. Social engineering which is used to trigger your emotions. Usually focusing on human’s fear or excitement of something. One example is they place malware onto your computer so that it’s obvious to you. Then they act as if they are trying to help you, by offering you the solution to fix it if you buy their anti virus removal product. This is how they scare you so the method is logically called “scareware.”
  2. Another method is teasing you with a video you want to watch, and then telling you that you will need to download their video viewer so you can watch it.
  3. Company’s websites are often targeted, and malicious code is often inserted into the code of the site. Then anyone who comes to that site will be infected.
  4. Malware is also targeted at Microsoft Office products using macros.
  5. The hackers will also create forms and surveys offering you a free prize for filling them out. Since most people love free prizes, people will often fill it out.
  6. Hackers use these emotional triggers to entice you to click on their malware using images or words they know will emotionally connect to your feelings or brain.
  7. People often get infected by installing malicious software such as screensavers and toolbars.
  8. You may think you are installing software that is “reputable”, but often these companies become greedy and allow crapware to be bundled with their software. The crapware pays the company you thought you were downloading from.You can uncheck the option to install the crapware, but most people don’t even know they need to uncheck it or that it’s going to be installed on their computer in the first place.Some software can give you the option of clicking “Decline” but then it STILL allows the installation of malicious malware.

Often once you’ve been infected with malicious malware on your computer, the software starts to install even more that attacks your computer.

If you aren’t using a quality Anti-Virus or Anti-Spyware application like Malwarebytes, the odds of you getting infected increase.

I’ve recommend MalwareBytes since I’ve been using it for years, and I make sure I have it on all my computers including my cell phone. They have also just came out with version 3.0 with zero day and ransomware protection.

Malwarebytes for Home | Anti-Malware Premium | Free Trial Download

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