Protect Your Escort Mailing List

Why Do You Need to Protect Your Escort Mailing List?

Protect Your Escort Mailing ListWell first of all it is your job as an netrepreneur to protect your escort mailing list, especially because you are in a high risk industry where people can try to do damage to you and your escorts and clients.

Your mailing list is also known as an autoresponder, or newsletter.

To educate you on why you need to protect your escort mailing list, understand that anyone can add e-mail addresses to any list to cyber harass others. I once had someone put my e-mail address on probably over 1,000 lists back in 2000. The amount of e-mail from companies I had nothing to do with and them passing my e-mail around was terrible.

This was back when it wasn’t standard for all lists to be double opted in.

What double opt-in means, is that the person who signs up for the escort mailing list has to first confirm their signup via a link/button in an e-mail that gets sent automatically from the list software. That is assuming the list owner turned the double opt-in feature on, which I feel should be standard in EVERY industry.

Most ethical list owners turn double opt-in on, but there are some list owners who don’t like losing potential list subscribers, so they keep it turned off.

Because you are in the escort industry and it’s high risk, I do NOT recommend you turn this feature off. You need to protect your escort mailing list, and if you get a reputation for spamming people, even if it’s not true, you could be banned from the list software you are using.

Not to mention, your site could be tarnished and lose some of it’s page rank juice.

Double opt-in protects both you and the subscriber. You want your subscribers to feel safe and to protect your escort mailing list.

The only way the opt-in e-mail can be confirmed is if the subscriber has access to their e-mail account, or the cyber bully had covert access to their e-mail address, signed up to your list, and confirmed it all at the same time. These are rare cases, but they do happen.

Now will you potentially lose some subscribers because they don’t click on that confirmation e-mail? Yes, but that’s why going with a high quality list software company is to your advantage, plus it’s better to be safe than sorry.

You will need to make it very clear on the signup thank yo page that they will be getting an e-mail and they should check their spam/junk folder, because they need to confirm their subscription in order to be fully subscribed.

With any real professional list software, it should arrive to the subscriber’s inbox within 10-30 seconds. If it doesn’t, there’s a problem on the subscriber’s end (maybe they typed in the wrong e-mail address), or it ended up in their spam or junk folder.


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