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Wondering which domain registrar you should use?

Domain RegistrarHere’s my educated opinion after buying domains since 2004.

Go Daddy is one of the most popular domain registrars, and while I still continue to use Go Daddy for some things, I switched most of my domains over to and here’s why.

Go Daddy raised its prices around 2005, and I privatize all my domains, so one domain was costing me almost $20. Fabulous came out with FREE privatization after years of refusing to even consider privatization, so I was happy and decided to move all my domains over there.

They also offer a tiered package, so the more domains you have with them, eventually the price drops. Not by much, but it’s something.

My only complaint about the company is that they are in Australia and they don’t offer phone support, but over the years I’ve made do with their e-mail support and since 2015, it has gotten much better.

You really shouldn’t need to contact your domain registrar more than once or twice a year once you get the hang of their interface.

They also improved any banking issues they had where I wasn’t able to use one of my credit cards. Now ALL of my credit cards work on their interface.

If price is important to you for your domain registration, than Fabulous is the place to go.

Another feature I like about their interface is you can add different DNS profiles to your account so when you add a new domain or transfer one, you just pick the profile you want your domain to point to instead of having to search for DNS numbers.

And one of THE most important features they have is notifying you several times when your domain is about to expire. With one terrible domain registrar I used back in the early 2000’s, they only notified me once and I lost hundreds of domains.

So you have two choices when it comes to domain registrars.

Let me know if you have any questions.


Domain Registration for the Escort Industry

Be Where Your Customers Are - $1/mo hosting from GoDaddy!
Well unless you’ve been living under a rock or you are brand spanking new to the world of running a business online, you should already know who Go Daddy is.

They are the largest domain registry and have been for years. This means when you want to get a domain name for your escort or adult business, you use their site to sign up for it and make the yearly payment.

I’ve been using Go Daddy to register domains for years & one thing I can say for them, they have 24 hour support. Not only that, but their call center IS in the US not overseas, & out of all the tech support people I’ve spoken to, I can only remember 1 or 2 having attitude, the rest are nice & work hard to get your issue resolved.

I can also access the office of the president if things ever get bad enough where I need to go up the ladder. As far as I know, you can’t do that with other domain registrars because they just aren’t a large enough a company or care about their customers as much as Go Daddy does.

When dealing with domains, their interface is one of the easiest to use & they notify you several times before a domain is about to expire, so I always rant & rave about that part of Go Daddy as another domain registrar ( I used to deal with is NASTY. I won’t go into the hell I went through dealing with them & how I almost lost over 300 of my domains, needless to say, just Google their name & the word “complaints”, & you will see how bad they are.

My point is that Go Daddy doesn’t treat people like that.

Go Daddy also has a myriad of other services for people just starting off online like hosting, web creation, etc. I’ve never used those services & I don’t really recommend them, but again, if you are just starting off online, it’s a good first option until you really start to grow your online business.

Before I forget, I always use them for my SSLs, as they are the cheapest I’ve found  & now they have a bundle SSL package that will save you money if you need SSLS for upto 5 domains (I think it is).

Let me know if you have any questions, but it’s safe to say Go Daddy is a reliable company that has been around for years & isn’t going anywhere, & they actually care about us as a client.


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